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M-S ARCHITECTS was founded by Melek Altınok and Şehri Çırpan Altınok in İstanbul, 2019

The design principle of the office is to develop concepts away from complexity, innovative, functional, giving importance to sustainability and compatible with the environment.

In this direction, we contunie to design healthcare buildings, educational buildings, cultural buildings, public buildings, residences, offices, shopping centers, interior design (restaurant, residence, store, office, etc.)


Melek Altınok


was born in Karabük in 1981. She graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Architecture in 2004. She started her professional life by working in the design and implementation stages of various projects in Istanbul. She took part in residential, cultural and public buildings projects at Simurg Architecture and AN Design between 2004-2008, and between 2008-2014 she design health buildings, educational buildings, housing and office projects within Kreatif Architecture. Between 2015-2019, she took part in the design office team in the housing, office, social facility and shopping center construction sites in Ortadoğu Group and Kalyon Construction


Şehri Çırpan Altınok


was born in Ankara in 1989. She was graduated from faculty of fine arts, departman of architecture in 2014 from Karabük University. Between 2013-2014, she completed her graduation project with Emre Arolat and her team at Erciyes University. She started her professional life by working in healthcare and public buildings projects in Altu Architecture in Ankara.Between 2018-2019, she took part in educational buildings, social buildings and interior architecture projects within Öge Architecture in Istanbul.

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